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About the YPN


The CIC Young Professionals’ Network began to take root in October 2019 at the CIC retreat in Toronto.
At this retreat, young professionals from across Canada decided to form a CIC network in order to connect and engage CIC members under the age of 40 from across Canada who are interested in Canadian foreign policy.

After holding elections in August 2020, the YPN was launched to help members build and strengthen their professional networks; gain valuable insights and knowledge in international relations and foreign affairs; and develop valuable leadership skills to support their own growth.

What We Do

to support a thriving network of young professionals interested and involved in foreign affairs, the YPN works towards:

  • Organize a speaker series to connect young professionals
  • Coordinate a development series to help members gain valuable
    advice and insights to help build a career.
  • Create networking opportunities to connect young professionals
    interested in international affairs and mentors.
  • Maintain an opportunities board to keep you connected to
    potential jobs, internships, and more in international affairs.
Discussion Forums

Discussion forums provide young professionals and students that opportunity to learn new skills, delve into an interesting topic with peers, and network with emerging foreign policy leaders.

The YPN will help organize and facilitate a number of Discussion Forums on a wide range of topics.

Discussion Forum Topics

The YPN will help organize and facilitate a number of Discussion Forums on a wide range of topics. Possible forums can include:

Subject Discussion Forums:

  • International Development
  • International Trade
  • Human Rights
  • Canadian Foreign Policy
  • Defense

Language Discussion Forums:

  • French language learning or other language groups

Peer Discussion Forums:

  • Foreign Policy Book Club
  • Peer essay or assignment review and discussion
  • Resume review


Discussion Forum News


The Book Club’s Winter read is The Premonition by Michael Lewis!


Register for the next book club meeting:
Conversations on the book will happen through the Slack page and a discussion group meeting is planned for Sunday, January 23 at noon EST to 12:45PM EST. Register for the discussion group meeting here:





Opportunities Board


Government Relations Officer
Red Cross
Location: Flexible
Expiry date: Until filled
Click here for more information
Economist and Policy Analyst
Finance Canada
Location: Ottawa
Expiry date: October 31, 2021
Click here for more information
Policy Specialist, Gender
Oxfam Canada
Location: Ottawa & Remote
Expiry date: Until filled
Click here for more information
Looking for more opportunities? Please consider checking these other job boards for opportunities in international relations:

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80,000 Hours
Opportunities in organizations that are working on some of the world’s most pressing problems

Government of Canada Job Bank
Highlights opportunities and job postings from across the Canada

Do you have any opportunities you think should be featured on the board? Let us know at

Meet the YPN Executive

Kevin McLeod lives in Edmonton, Alberta and has been a Canadian International Council member since 2016. Kevin is a public servant and has worked and volunteered across Canada as well as in Kenya, Sri Lanka, Uganda, and Mali. Kevin is bilingual and holds a Bachelor of Arts from Concordia University and a Master of Arts from the University of British Columbia, both in Political Science. In addition to his role with the YPN, Kevin acts as the CIC Edmonton Branch President, is a Vice-President with his local community league, and was the 2019-20 President of his local Rotary Club.

Kevin acts as focal of leadership for CIC YPN, maintains positive relationships with network and local CIC branches, coordinates and leads the activities of CIC YPN, acts as the main point of contact between CIC YPN and the CIC Board of Directors and leadership team, conducts strategic planning and visioning activities as required.

Kevin McLeod

Anna is the founder and project coordinator of the Canada-Russia Research Initiative (CRRI). Anna are up in Russia where she obtained all her degrees, including a Ph.D. in Political Science from the Institute of the U.S.A. and Canada of the Russian Academy of Sciences. In 2013-2018, Anna worked for the above-mentioned think tank in a capacity of a research fellow. Her main areas of research include U.S.-Russia and Canada-Russia relations, Islamic radicalism and counterterrorism, disinformation and propaganda. Anna has written numerous papers and given many presentations on a broad range of security and political subjects linked to Russian, U.S. and Canadian foreign policy.

In 2017, she joined the Canadian International Council. Since 2019. Anna has served as a CIC Executive Committee Member in Victoria. She is also affiliated with the Canadian Association of Slavists and the North American and Arctic Defense and Security Network.

Anna leads the development and organization of CIC YPN research endeavors, which can include conducting information gathering projects and analysis regarding international issues, activities, policies, legislation, etc. on behalf of the CIC YPN or as outlined in the annual work plan.

Anna Tsurkan
Vice-President, Research and Content Development

Tannishtha Pramanick is a recent graduate of the University of Toronto with a BA in Economics. She has a passion for data and innovation policy, with a focus on public health. Her experiences have included working at several early stage Toronto tech start ups, lifestyle and policy related media work, and doing clinical research at Boston Children’s Hospital, and in infectious disease at Boston Medical Center. She is a currently serving as the Secretary of the Toronto Executive Branch and looks forward to advocating for young professionals and their involvement in Canada’s role as an international actor.

Tannishtha develops and maintains the CIC YPN’s branding, curates CIC YPN social media groups, coordinates with the CIC and its associated branches in developing web content directed towards young professionals.

Tannishtha Pramanick
Vice President, Digital Media and Communications

Shahar is an innovator and a relationship builder who provides research, analysis and strategic support to government bodies, non-profits and grassroots organizations. She has a BA in International Development and Globalization from the University of Ottawa and studied Political Sociology aboard at the National University of Ireland, Galway. Her passion for global affairs and drive to understand our diverse world has led her to travel and work in Canada, Thailand, and South Korea with change seeking organizations such as the Michener Institute of Education at UHN. Elections Canada, Global Affairs Canada, and The Canadian International Council (CIC) national office. Sahar currently sits on the board of Green Thumbs, a local initiative that offers food growing and environmental education, is a member of the CIC Toronto Branch Executive, and former member of the CIC-YPN Terms of Reference Committee.

Sahar maintains up-to-date roster of current CIC members participating in CIC YPN, recruits new members into CIC YPN, responds to inquiries from network members and other stakeholders, and re-confirms on an annual basis membership requirements to participation in CIC YPN in consultation with others on the executive committee.

Shahar Hussain
Vice-President, Membership

Erik Henningsmoen is Secretary and Treasurer with the Canadian International Council’s Youing Professionals’ Network. In this role, Erik is responsible for the administrative elements of the Network. In his day job, Erik works in the international office of a major public research university. He holds a Master of Public Policy from the University of Calgary’s School of Policy and is a member of CIC Calgary.


Erik manages internal documents, maintains cloud storage/IT assets, works with network chair and vice-chair to book regular network executive meetings, compiles meeting minutes during executive meetings, maintains ToR documents, tracks network budget, develops financial reports as required by the CIC.

Erik Henningsmoen
Secretary & Treasurer

Over the past seven years I have studied, trained and worked on Refugee rights as it pertains to policy, law, and health. My understanding of the rapid and ongoing humanitarian crises has been honed through academic, voluntary and professional experiences in Canada and Israel. Specifically, I have studied Eritrean and Sudanese in the Middle East in relation to mental health policies or lack thereof.

I am a Canadian citizen and speak three languages, two fluently and one with an elementary proficiency. As a recent master’s graduate from the School of Public Policy & Global Affairs at the University of British Columbia, my educational coursework, rigorous internships and research positions have provided me with strong leadership abilities and a quantitative and qualitative research background. Alongside my passion and familiarity with ongoing issues within the region, these experiences will enhance my success in contributing to the role of Vice President with CIC YPN. My aspirations thereafter are to assist in creating innovative policy solutions for marginalized communities both domestically and abroad, by addressing the dynamic challenges faced within the Canadian political sphere and its interactions within the global economy.

Rai assists the network President in leading CIC YPN, maintains the network work plan, provides input and feedback in network strategic planning and visioning, coordinates across CIC YPN executive portfolios, acts as secondary focal point of leadership when network chair is unable or unavailable to carry out duties.

Rai Friedman
Vice President
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