Over the past seven years I have studied, trained and worked on Refugee rights as it pertains to policy, law, and health. My understanding of the rapid and ongoing humanitarian crises has been honed through academic, voluntary and professional experiences in Canada and Israel. Specifically, I have studied Eritrean and Sudanese in the Middle East in relation to mental health policies or lack thereof.

I am a Canadian citizen and speak three languages, two fluently and one with an elementary proficiency. As a recent master’s graduate from the School of Public Policy & Global Affairs at the University of British Columbia, my educational coursework, rigorous internships and research positions have provided me with strong leadership abilities and a quantitative and qualitative research background. Alongside my passion and familiarity with ongoing issues within the region, these experiences will enhance my success in contributing to the role of Vice President with CIC YPN. My aspirations thereafter are to assist in creating innovative policy solutions for marginalized communities both domestically and abroad, by addressing the dynamic challenges faced within the Canadian political sphere and its interactions within the global economy.

Rai assists the network President in leading CIC YPN, maintains the network work plan, provides input and feedback in network strategic planning and visioning, coordinates across CIC YPN executive portfolios, acts as secondary focal point of leadership when network chair is unable or unavailable to carry out duties.