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About the Ottawa National Capital Branch

The Ottawa-based National Capital Branch is enthusiastic about reaching out to groups and individuals whose activities and interests take them into foreign affairs. We have a growing network in Ottawa of over 1200, including 325 active members. The National Capital Branch is an increasingly diverse group with more young professionals, new Canadians, NGO startups, and women among our established network of policy experts, journalists, scholars, business people, students and engaged citizens.


We invite you to get involved in our wide-ranging activities, including our flagship speaker events, six study/working groups, Politics at the Pub events, occasional conferences, and a number of student and young professional focused activities.

The National Capital Branch’s study groups include: Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, Middle East and North America. The National Capital Branch also hosts the Intelligence Futures Working group. To join these groups or learn more, please contact the respective groups’ chairs listed below.

Mentorship Program

The CIC National Capital (Ottawa) Branch’s Mentorship Program pairs student and young professional members with select, accomplished professional CIC members in a one-on-one mentoring partnership. Mentors represent a variety of career trajectories related to international affairs from government, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector.

Are you a student, young or mid-career professional seeking to gain deeper insights from professionals in international affairs careers? If so, apply to the CIC’s 2021-22 Mentorship Program today!

By popular demand, the CIC Mentorship Program is back for a 2021-22 edition. Presented by RBC, the Program will connect students and young professionals with academics, professionals, and other experts in the field of international affairs through one-on-one mentoring. Interested in registering as a mentor or mentee? Become a member of the CIC and fill out the online form by September 29, 2021 to apply!

Our roster of mentors includes former ambassadors, career diplomats, academics, entrepreneurs, security professionals, legal professionals and others with extensive experience in various regions, industries, cultures, and activities. Students and young professionals are matched with experienced mentors based on preference regarding industry, geographic location, career path, and interests. Mentors serve as coaches, advisors, and connectors to help students and young professionals expand their networks, transition into a professional career, and obtain practical and experience-based guidance.

Please note that the capacity of the mentorship program is limited by the availability and the time constraints of our mentors. Interested mentees are encouraged to apply early in the academic year.

If you have any questions or would like to contact the mentorship team, please email us at

To find out more about the CIC National Capital Branch’s Youth Caucus programs, including how you could get involved as a volunteer, contact Ali Tejpar.

Youth Caucus

The Youth Caucus is a particularly vibrant group within of the CIC National Capital Branch, leading a number of young professional and student programs. These include yearly international affairs career fairs for students, university clubs (currently at Carleton University, the University of Ottawa, and Saint Paul University), a series of informal “Politics @ the Pub” get-togethers targeted towards students, young professionals, and the ‘young at heart’, held at a local pub with guest speakers, and high-profile, interactive events organized twice a year in Ottawa by thePanel.



Through a generous partnership, the National Capital Branch’s events are often broadcast on the CPAC network. Additionally, a number of events can also be found on YouTube. A listing of these videos is available.




Every year the president of the National Capital Branch produces a report to inform its members about the local activities and products of the branch.

  • National Capital Branch President Reports
  • The National Capital Branch has produced variety of documents related to the history of the branch.
  • CIIA/CIC NCB Past Presidents
    Memories of the Women’s Branch

CIC National Capital Branch Event Videos

Minister McKenna’s Reflections on Our Shared Responsibility to Our Planet (June 5, 2018) CIC video

Canada’s G7 Presidency and the Charlevoix Summit, with Peter Boehm, Deputy Minister for the G7 Summit and Personal Representative of the Prime Minister (Sherpa) (May 10, 2018) CPAC videoCIC Video

“Tell Them We’re Human” – What the Rohingya Crisis Tells Us About the World and Canada’s Foreign Policy Choices, with the Hon. Bob Rae (April 23, 2018) CIC video

Canada’s Trade Agenda: What Next? (February 12, 2018) CIC video

Putin’s Russia: Inside or Outside the International Order? (January 9, 2018) CPAC videoCIC video

From Books to Blogs to Software: An Evening with Practitioners Working at the Forefront of Conflict, Security and Citizen Action (November 22, 2017) CIC video

Canada and the World: Views from Canadian Muslims (October 17, 2017) CPAC videoCIC video

Mexico, Canada, NAFTA and Beyond, with Mexican Ambassador to Canada, Dionisio Pérez-Jácome (September 12, 2017) CIC video

Europe Post Brexit and the Election of Donald Trump (May 23, 2017) CPAC video – CIC video

An Evening With Hugh Segal – Two Freedoms: Canada’s Global Future (April 20, 2017) CIC video

Women, Violent Extremism and The Internet (March 6, 2017) CPAC video – CIC video

New Challenges of Consular Affairs (January 18, 2017) CIC video

Canada and the UN: are we Getting Back in the Game? (November 29, 2016) CIC video

China’s Rising Cyber Power (September 13, 2016) CPAC video – CIC video

An Evening with US Ambassador Bruce Heyman (June 9, 2016) CPAC video – CIC video

Hon. Bill Graham on ‘The Call of the World, A Political Memoir’ (May 18, 2016) CIC video

An Evening with Lord David Owen on Why the UK Should Leave the European Union, in conversation with Jeffrey Simpson (May 4, 2016)          CPAC video – CIC video

Colombia on the Verge of Peace & Implications for the Hemisphere (February 17, 2016) CIC video

A 21st Century Trade Strategy for Canada (January 18, 2016) CPAC video – CIC video

Canadian Foreign Policy and the Next Federal Election (June 2, 2015) CPAC video

Prospects for Peace in the Internet Age (May 27, 2015) CPAC video

Dr Stephen Toope on International Human Rights and Terrorism (May 6, 2015) CIC video

CIC National Capital: An Evening with David Halton on the Evolution of Political and War Reporting (March 25, 2015) CIC video

Mexico and the Challenge of Crime Reduction (February 26, 2015) CPAC video

Brave New Canada: Meeting the Challenge of a Changing World (January 20, 2015) CPAC video

Ukraine & Russia – Putin’s Dilemma of War & Peace (December 10th, 2014) CIC video

The Ottawa Forum – Canada’s strategic challenges – Diplomatic perspectives (May 24, 2014) CPAC video

Costs & Challenges of Corruption in International Affairs (April 9, 2014) CIC video

Israel & Palestine – A Path to Peace (March 6th, 2014) CIC video

The Next Big Thing – Africa (February 6, 2014) CPAC video

Making sense of Canadian intelligence & security issues (January 13, 2014) CPAC video

Making Sense of Harper’s Foreign Policy (December 9, 2013) CPAC video

Immigration, Radicalization, and Security (September 11, 2013) CPAC video

All-Party Parliamentary Group for the Prevention of Genocide (February 28, 2013) CPAC video

Kenya, Pakistan and Afghanistan: Experiences of Women, Violence and Democracy (November 8, 2012) CPAC video

Rising India: Will the Elephant Dance with Canada? Challenges and Opportunities (May 30, 2012) CPAC video

Arctic Challenges and the Future Perspectives of Arctic Cooperation  (May 17, 2012) CPAC video

Islamic Terrorism and Blood Diamonds (February 16, 2012) CPAC video

Deepening Canada-US Integration?  (October 19, 2011) CPAC video

Branch Executive Ex Officio

Politics @ the Pub
Alfredo Porco (Coordinator)
Laura Bradbury

Mentorship Program 
Olivia Lassaline (Coordinator)

University Student Representatives

Laura Bradbury (University of Ottawa)

Alfredo Porco (Carleton)

Africa Study Group
Cheickh Bangoura (Chair)

Asia-Pacific Study Group
Charles Dauphinais (Co-chair)
Rinchen-Dolma Karma (Co-chair)

Harry Li (Co-chair)

Graeme Parker (Co-chair)
Matt Thomas (Co-chair)

Security and Intelligence Study Group
Valerie Spencer Keyes (Chair)
Samuel Amoah

Latin America and the Caribbean Study Group
Rob Ready (Chair)
Jean Daudelin
Stephen Baranyi 
Middle East Study Group
Hamid Jorjani (Chair)
North America Study Group
David MacDuff (Chair)

Branch Executive Leadership


Elizabeth Kingston


Zoe Dugal


Ayesha Malette


Samuel Amoah


Hamid Jorjani


Yuanyue Geng


Vicken Koundakjian

Past President

Margaret Huber


Jérôme Bilodeau, David Dyment, Patricia Fortier, Greg Goldhawk, Marvin Hough, Margaret McCuaig-Johnston

Director, Membership Committee

Edward Muston

Director, Outreach / Fundraising Committee

Valerie Spencer Keyes

Director, Outreach / Fundraising Committee

Ali Tejpar

Director, Youth Committee

Lillian Thomsen


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